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If only the Clerics (Ulama) were God- fearing!

                                        K.M.H. Aboo Abdullah.

In the Tamil magazine Manarul Hudha, ij June 2007 edition , an incident reported to have been narrated by Bayajid Bushthami is published in page 15. What is mentioned there in is quite contrary  to what has been said in the Quran in the following verses:- ‘No laden soul can bear another’s load’. (6:164; 7:15; 35:8; 39;7; 53:38) However this article in the said magazine does, no doubt, emphasize the fact that one should eat from what he earns out of his own hard work and that he should not beg. This is what the Quran and Ahadith instruct. The magazine , Manarul Hudha is brought out by the clerics (Moulvis) of Kashiful Hudha Arabic school (madarasha). From this article it could clearly be inferred that these clerics are fully aware of the necessity of working hard to earn one’s bread and also the evil of begging and disgrace it brings and the incurring loss in the Hereafter. In spite of this, these clerics who teach others this fact have not taken it into their hearts.  

Because of this weakness of the moulvis they are being humiliated  by the Muthawallis of mosques and administrators of madaresha .This fact was high lighted in Annajath in its August 2007 edition, and also in Chinthanai Chudar July 2007 edition, and in an earlier article written by Khan Bhaqavi. In Chinthanai Chudar August 2007 edition an article under the caption “Will there not be an uproar if the imman is dismissed?” was published . There are a few lines in this article which are really causing pain.

If one ventures to write about the consequences of  the dismissal or reprimand of an Imam it will continue till the day of Doom. By being dismissed suddenly many clerics lost their jobs and were very adversely affected financially , and mentally too. And as a result their mode of life was drastically changed. The description of their state of mind and their plight will run to several volumes.

Just like we consider the Jammathul Ulama organization as a weak body,  the public as well as the administrators of mosques too consider it to be so. When this organization pleaded for the reinstatement of the dismissed  Imam the administrators retorted saying, ” We are paying the Imams. And who are these people to question us?” The reason for such a state of  affairs is solely the weak position of the organization (Chinthanai Chudar. Aug 2007: page 61,62).

Right from the days of the first human being Adam (pbuh) till today there were the interceding  priests who were bent on transforming  the Deen into a more religion and by deviating from the one and only straight path invented so many crooked crooked ways to earn money. Following these people the moulvis and their organization have deviated from the straight path of Islam the perfect Deen to form a religion in the most abhorrent sense of the word just for their own ends. The time to make these moulvis and their organization realize their folly of earning money by cheating the people is not a off.

   The messages revealed to the previous prophets were not recorded then and there and were not preserved. Therefore the interceding priests could cheat the people by concocting  stories as told by God and His prophets. It is not surprising that the people fell into their trap as there was no message preserved for them to verify whether what the priests are reporting are facts or otherwise. But though the last revealation of God, the Quran is recorded and preserved in its original form the present day moulvis are bold enough to cheat the people. This is what is really surprising.

   To continue keeping the people in darkness they concocted thousands of sayings as those of the Prophet and prevented the Quran and Ahadith being translated into other languages. They also proclaimed that the Quran should not be read without ablution. Therefore the common people had to rely on what these moulvis taught, proclaiming to have taken from the Quran and Ahadith. This state of affairs continued for over 1300 years. In the midst of the opposition and objections of the moulvis some good hearted people came forward to translate the Quran and Ahadith in their mother tonques.

   But the moulvis now a  started proclaiming that Islam cannot be discerned by reading the translation  of the Quran and Ahadith. What ever Allah has said in the Quran and the explanations of His prophet in Arabic cannot be understood without the help of the moulvis who are pundits in Arabic language(!). This claim of the moulvis accounts to saying that Allah and His prophet were not capable of explaining Islam to the people directly. The capability is solely confined to them. This of course shows the conceit and arrogance   of the moulvis. “One with even an Atom   of conceit will not enter the paradise” said the prophet  (pbuh)

   But Allah has announced that Islam the way of life. has been explained very clearly without any ambiguity

to the progeny of Adam. in ever so many verses in the Quran. They are given below.

It is clear and transparent:

5: 15,92 ; 6:59; 7:184 ; 10 : 61 ; 11:1,6,25,96 ; 12:1; 15:1,18,79.89 ; 16:35,82 , 103

22:49 ; 24:25,54 ; 26: 2,115 ; 27:1,75,79 ; 28:2 ; 29:18,50 ; 34:3 ; 36 :12,17,69 ; 37: 106 ; 38: 70 ; 44:13,33 ; 46:9; 51:50,51 ; 64: 12; 67:26 ; 71:2 ; 24:34,46  ; 65 :11.

 It is easy to understand

18:88 ; 65:4 ; 87 :  8 ; 92:7 ; 54:17,22,32,40 ; 19:97 ; 47: 58.

 It is beyond doubt:

 2:2 ; 10:37 ; 32:2.

 Full of Absolute Truth:

   2:119,144,146,176,213,252 ; 3:71,86,18 ; 4:105.170 ; 5:48 ; 6:57 ; 66:114 ; 7:43,53,105  ; 10:108 ; 11:120 ; 13 :1,19 ; 17:105 ; 28 :53 ; 39 :2,41 ; 42: 17 ; 45 : 6,29 ; 46: 7,30 ; 48 :28 ; 61:9.

No crookedness:

18:1; 39:28.

Clearly explained to the mankind:

2:159,168,185,187 ,221 ; 3:4,138 ; 4:79,105,165,170,174 ; 5:67 ; 7:158 ; 10:57,108;  14:1,25,52; 16 :44; 17:89; 18:54; 22:49; 22:73; 25:50; 28:43; 39:27,41.

   The straight path has been unambiguously explained to the people and it has been demonstrated by the prophets. This fact is mentioned in the following verses:

   2:213; 7:157; 16:44, 64; 62:2.

   When the Quran has been explained so clearly, is it necessary, for these moulvis to explain it further with their own interpretations! Their explanation would only make the straight path crooked . This has been stated in these verses  7:45,86 ; 11:19; 14:3.

   The verses which instruct humanity to follow Allah and His prophet are many.  They are

   3:32,132 ; 4:59; 5:92; 8:1; 8:20,46; 20:90; 24:54,56; 47:33; 58:13; 64:12,16.

   The Qurans verse 7:3 clearly states that instructions revealed by Allah directly alone to be followed.   No body other than Allah and His prophet should be followed. The verse 30:36 very emphatically states that any instructions other than those of Allah. Those who neglect this and follow anybody other than Allah and His prophet will be destined to the Hell. Such people who are cast into the Hell be bemoaning and Yelling  aloud. This is stated in the verses 33:66,67,68.

   Only the prophet (pubh) has been authorized by Allah to explain the verses and teachings of the Quran. This has been stated in the verses 2:213; 7:157; 16:44,64; 62:2. No body in the name of Ulama, Allama and Moulvi is allowed to interpret the Quran in their own way. Even if all the verses in the Quran are scrutinized no such authority could be found, to have been vested on these people.

   On the contrary  it could be perceived that whatever has been said in the Quran and Ahadith should be conveyed as such without superfluous or whimsical  explanations. The verses 16:23,25 ; 17:36,85; 22:3,8 and 31:6,20 state this fact.

    Truly learned are those who teach the Quran and Ahadith to people without any wising , hiding and adding their own ideas. The verses 13:43 and 28:47 state this fact.

   Those who neglect this warning of the Quran and twist and hide what is said in the Quran are cursed and are destined to dwell in the Hell for ever. The Quranic verses 2:159,161 and 162 state this fact.

   Moulvis and Ulama who being fully aware of these facts indulge in such arrogant and self conceiting activities are not actually learned. In Islam no authority has been vested  with such people. They have stealthily usurped the position. They are worse than thieves. Because they are stealing the possessions of people as Allah says in the Quran  .

   O, you who believe! look! many of the (Jewish) rabbis and (Christian)

  monks devour the wealth of

 mankind wantonly and debar

 (man) from the way of Allah. (9: 34)

   It is only for such benefits they are misleading people from the straight path of Allah. They are well trained thieves who steal the faith and wealth of people. There is no difference what so ever between these people and the priests of the former prophets’ ummath. These moulvis follow those priests to the core. This has been prewarned by the prophet  (pbuh)

   These Ulama and clerics have really discarded the warnings of Allah in more than 50 places in the Quran and have taken Islam to be a mere religion like the other ones. They have made it as a means of earning. As, has been pointed out in the magazine Manarul Hudha. July 2007 page 17. there arise so many evils out of such earnings which are prohibited in the Quran and Ahadith. They do speak out and write about such evils which the Quran and Ahadith warn us to avoid and yet they do not themselves refrain from such evils. They profess but do not practice.

   The warnings of Allah in the verses  2:44, 61:3 and 62:5 have not been heeded to  by these moulvis. The Jewish scholars (Rabbis) who recited the Torah revealed to them but did not follow it were described by Allah as donkeys bearing the load of scriptures. So also the moulvis of the present day who recite the Quran but without following it  resort to the practices of their ancestors  are  similarly   a kin to thee donkeys. Can it be refuted if it is stated that these moulvis who with their own ideas and principles believe  teachings of the Quran, are actually examples much worse than this?     (Refer 62 : 5)

   What these moulvis advise to people as earnings prohibited in Islam are mentioned in the Quran only in a very few instances. But warnings about making ‘Deen’ as a means of earning have been made in more than 50 places in the Quran. It looks as if a man who commits all the other sins wholly would not be as punishable as those who earn their bread through teaching religion. These are of course very severe warnings . But yet these these warnings have not been heeded to in the least by these moulvis. The reason of course, is as Allah points out in the verse 5:13 that their hearts have been made hard by the food consumed by them which is earned through prohibited means. All the basely traits that have been described  in this verse are found in these unscrupulous clerics.

Earning by way of teaching the religion will bring in so many distresses.

The following verses describe them :

   2:41,78,79,109,146,159,161,162,174,175,176,188 ; 3:77,78,187,188; 4 :44,46; 5:13,62,63; 6:20,21,26,27,91;  9:9,34; 10:73, 11:18-22; 31:6.

   The verses which state that receiving wages for carrying out religions activities are prohibited, are given below.

   16:29,51; 25:57, 26:109,127,145,164,180 ; 34:47,  36:21; 38:86; 52:40; 68:46.

   Those who earn through religious activities are not in straight path, and they have digressed. This is very clearly stated in the verse 36:21.

   The verse 32:13 and 11:119 very clearly mention that most of the people have neither discerned  the right path nor they ponder over it. People who fallow the right path and go eventually to paradise are very   few in number. These few will not allow these unscrupulous moulvis to earn through religious activities. Therefore  these moulvis are forced to win the  favor of the so-called Muslims who have digressed. Motivated by the devil (shaitan) they are led to think, that in spite of their attitudes and their digression from Islam they are actually in the straight path.

   In this context  we are to remember what happened to our fore father Adam (pbuh) when he succumbed to the prodding’s of shaitan. He was actually aware of the fact that shaitan was an enemy to him and his progeny. This fact was known to him through the warnings of Allah and his own experience. (see 2:30-39; 7:11-25; 15:30-43; 18:50; 20:116-127; 26:95; 34:20; 38:74-85) . Adam possessing of such knowledge and experience was lured by shaitan and fell a prey to his prompting and eventually disobeyed the direct ordainment of God,

There are so many warnings about shaitan in the Quran. 2;168,208,268;   4:38,60,119,120;   6:43,142;   7:201,202;   8:48;   14:22;  17:27,53,61-65;   22:3;   24:21;   25:27-30; 29:38;   31:21;   35:6;   36:59-65;   41:36;   43:62;   47:25;   58:19;   59:16. If all these verses of the Quran which describe about the shaitan are studied patiently , calmly and without bias,, are will understand how shaitan lures mankind into the wrong path. Those who have made religions activities as their means of earning follow shaitan  and lead people into the wrong path.

   We often openly announce that these moulvies who earn their bread through religious actives are the agents of shaitan. Ideas and principles which are very clearly stated in the Quran are being twisted by these moulvies to suit their way. And they, claiming that they have a command over the Arabic language , cure the people to their own way.  According to the Qurance verses 2: 159, 161; 162 this is actually a great sin. But they do not realize it.

   To prove this I am citing here an incident which occurred during the period this article was being penned. Two brothers of the Qudiani sect had come to meet me. While discussing they announced their expression that more than one Adam were created. on hearing this, deferring my own ideas  about it, I quoted  the verse 4:1 from the Quran which states that the whole mankind  was created through Adam. They said that what I quoted was perfectly alright. But they hastened to add that I have mis-understood what is mentioned as ‘nafs’ in the said verse. They said that the word nafs soul does not refer to Adam but to Allah Him self. They also said that Allah has created man in his own image. This is actually the way and method of shaitan. I was very much infuriated by such utterances of theirs and asked them to wind up the discussion and said that there is absolutely no use in arguing  going with them. I quoted the verse 25:63 wherein it is stated “The (faithful) slaves of the Beneficent (Allah) are they who walk upon the earth modestly and when the foolish ones address them answer : peace (salama)”. By saying this I put an end to the discussion.

   In this verse 4:1 Allah says,” O, mankind , be conscious of your Lord who created you from a single soul and from it created its mate and from them twain has spread abroad a multitude of men and women”.

   This is a direct statement . The Qadianies interpret the soul ‘nafs’ as Allah. If it is so it means that Allah has created his mate (wife) from his own self. Further it means that the multitude of men and women were begotten by Allah himself (Nawoodhu billah). What a senseless interpretation is this! In the surah 112 of the Quran it is affirmed that (Allah). He begets  not nor was the begotten. Their interpretation contradicts this assertion of Allah.  To contradict the creator Allah amounts to associating some one (shirk) to Him. This fact will not be realized by Qadianies as they were taught so. They do not accept what Allah has explained to his slaves in the Quran. They venture to give their own explanations over and above what Allah has given. They assume greater talent and skill than Allah (Nawoodhubillah).

   It is not only these Qadianies who boast of such talents but also the moulvies who have resorted to religious activities to earn their bread. They state that what Allah and His messenger have explained are not sufficient or clear enough to make the people understand. The capacity and skill to make them understand rest   with them, they claim. They misinterpret the clear and unambiguous verses in the Quran and mislead the people. Shaitan keeps company to these moulvies. Therefore great number of people who have fallen a prey to the shaitan follow these moulvies and march towards hell. Let me openly ask these moulvies and their association as to whether there is anybody among them who agree that the people themselves would understand, what has been said in the Quran and what the prophet (pubh) has demonstrated in his life. All of these moulvies without exception are asserting that the people will be able to understand them only with their help. They are so arrogant and conceited to claim that they are more skilled and talented than Allah and His prophet.

   As long as these moulvies are so arrogant and and conceited they will be in disgrace here in this world and the world here after. They will bow their heads before all human beings till the Day of Doom. They will be put into perpetual torture too. The moulvis are to ponder over calmly. As they have taken up religious activities for wages they are forced to stand humbly with folded hands before the wealthy muthawallis and other administrators of the mosque. They are threatened with suspension or dismissal if they do not dance according to administrators tunes. The moulvies are being shunted from place to place humiliated and degraded . just because of few hundred rupees they are  after. Since the moulvies do not find an alternative they have to perforce  bear with all such humiliations.   When they are actually not able to confront these wealthy people do they dare to say that they are capable of explaining things in a better way than Allah and his prophet.

   Unless and until the moulvies come forward to work and toil to earn their bread, totally refraining from begging before people they will not be able to gain real honour and dignity. Arrogance and conceit which make them proclaim that they are the only people who can make the people understand the Quran and Ahadith should be totally wiped off. They are to agree to the fact that the Quran and Ahadith could directly be understood by the people who strive for it.

   If the moulvis are prepared and come forward.  Allah will  show them a way. They need not go begging. Totally disregarding the present method of learning in madaras  spending seven years kneeling and bowing before the priest- like “ustads’, they should study the Quran and Ahadith along with temporal education and science. This is the only way for them to come up from the abyss they are in now.

   Moulvies should also refrain from proclaiming that whatever has been said in the Quran does not apply to them and that they are the chosen  people in the sight of Allah who asserted as follows according to the Quran.

   “And they say: the fire will not touch us save for a certain number of days. Say, Have you received a covenant from Allah- truly Allah will not break His covenant – or tell you concerning Allah that which you Know not? Nay, but who so ever has done will and his sin surrounds him, Such are rightful owners of the fire, they will abide there in”   (2: 80,81) 

   The moulvis claim that such warnings are meant for Jews, Christians and Majoosis and not for them. Such claim is as absurd as saying as follows: If Christians and Jews indulge in prostitution they will be punished; But we will not be punished even if commit prostitution; If they steal they will be chastised but not we; if they commit murder they will be taken into task but not we; they will be penalized for sodomy  but not we. To commercialise religion is as bad as this. To say that only Jews and Christians were prohibited and we are allowed to practice such evils is equally absurd. This is an agreement which will not hold water .

   To equate, what the moulvis earn through religious teachings to the salary paid to khalifas and government of the early Islamic reign is more absurd. If that is true that khalifas and the governors were paid for their religious activities then all the prophet’s companions aught to have been paid. All of the prophet’s companions were involved in religions  activities, without any exemption. If the khalifhas and governor, on the other hand had been paid for having led the congregational prayers than the means of the various mosques other than the khalifas and governors should also have been paid. There is no such information. It is not possible to find one.  Khalifas and governors were looking after the welfare of the people and they were all mundane and therefore they were paid.

   Moulvies can not claim salary by saying they are engaged in the work  through out the day. Actually the Prophets were engaged in religions actuaries only through out the day and night.  Therefore they should be as such more eligible than the moulvis to be paid. The Pprophets were prohibited from receiving wages for their mission. This is because if earning money for the survival in this world is inter-linked with religious activities the religion could not be professed truly. Trusting are hiding of facts would become inevitable, and so many other evils would also creep in. To gratify the people treading the wrong path, and to receive benefits from them it would be necessary to show the wrong path as the right one. This is exactly why Allah The Almighty prohibited receiving wages for religions mission. This very fact has been mentioned in the Quran 50 times in different tones and style.

   If the members of the ulama Association really have faith in Allah and are confident of receiving succour and being blessed with means of surviving as the birds and animals are, they should interpret the Quran unbiasedly. Brushing aside the mis-interpretations of their predecessors and forefathers they should strive to understand directly what the Quran says clearly, and practice it as such. They should not assume thousands  meanings to every verse. They should not claim to know the apparent and hidden meaning. They should avoid cheating people saying that the Quran could be understand only by those who are well versed in sixteen different arts. If the moulvies do not change there is no way of emancipation for them in the Hereafter. And if they still persist in saying that in preference to the direct teachings of the Quran they   abide by what their forefather had opined I entreat them to please study the following verses.

   2:170; 5:104; 7:28,70,71; 10:78; 11:62,87,109; 12:40; 14:10; 21:53,54; 26:73,74,76; 31:21; 34:43; 37:17,69; 42:22,23; 53:23; 56:48.

   If the direct and clear instructions of Allah through the Quran are discarded and the practises of the forefathers are followed, it will lead these to the wrong path only. Though the moulvis are not conscious of this fact people have realized it.

   The moulvis who are boastfully proclaiming that they are the learned scholars in the religion should analyze their own stance. As the verse 25:30 in the Quran states the Prophet (pbuh) will appeal to Allah that the moulvis are neglecting the teachings of the Quran completely by adhering to the misinterpretations of their predecessors. Believing the concocted  Ahadith reported by them the moulvis are disregarding  the practice of the prophet (pbuh) . The moulvis have reiterated the following sayings of the khalifa Umar (raliallahu) . “Learned Scholars! Hasten to carry out righteous deeds. Seek Allah’s blessings. Do not be cruel to the people”. But quite contrary to this instruction the moulvis are extorting money from the people for what they are teaching them and thereby create hardships to them. In the name of the four Imams whom the moulvis profess to revere and respect greatly, ever so many concoctions have been very profusely spread. There is hardly any difference between these concoctions and what the Christians have preached in the  name of Jesus – Easa(pbuh) . Prophet Easa will disown the principle of Trinity of the Christians on the Day of Judgment. So also the four Imams will disown the sectarian principles (Madhab) in the Hereafter.

   The four Imams lived in the era between 80 A.H. and 241. A.H. But the sects (Madhabs) in their names were fabricated only after 400 A.H. If all the books on ‘Fiqh’ (Jurisprudence) are scrutinized the fact that they were all fabricated only after 500 A.H. , will be discerned . Will it be possible to assert who exactly compiled these Fiqhs and put them into pratise? Never. These sects (Shafi,  hanafi, Hanbali, and Maliki) are fabricated by anonymous persons. This could as well be the handy work of Jews and Christians who are striving to blemish Islam and keep the Muslims departed from Islam he concocted stories abound in the ‘Fiqh’ looks, the exegies of the Quran and Ahadith are extractions from the Israel Bible. These stories and other tacos degrading the prophet (pbuh) go to establish what I have said above. In the Arabic Lexicon “Munjith” ‘Taqlid’ (Blind Following) has been considered in par with the blind following of the Christians

   Emulating the Christians, to follow the teachings  of the priestly forefathers  which have not been found in the Quran and Ahadith, with out any scrutiny or analysis only has given rise to the various sects (Madhabs). Can this be denied? What will these Moulvis and Ulama who are staunchly adhering to these sects, assert in Front of Allah in the Hereafter? It will have to be pondered over carefully and thoughtfully

   In short the Moulvis are following neither the Quran nor Ahadith. They are not following either the righteous Khalifas or the companions of the prophet. In fact they are not following  the four Imams too. What they are following so respectfully are actually fabricated by the Jews and Christians for their own ends. The Moulvis have adopted these as gospels and are treading the wrong path and are leading the people also to the Hell. Teachings and preachings of the Moulvis are solely for the purpose of earning money and profit. They are actually appeasing the majority of the people who are treading the wrong path. In conformity with the goading of the Shaitan influencing the people, the Moulvis have deduced the rules and regulations of the religion in the name of ‘Fiqh’. Moulvis are actually the agents of the Shaitan. 

   There is aboultely no difference between Ulama of Daral Nadwa of the days of yore under the leaders of Abh Jahul and the Ulama of the present day. The moulvis are following them implicitly. People in large number treading the wrong path and heading towards Hell of course are behind the Moulvis . This probably might be cited as a favourable factor. But in the Hereafter fate of the moulvis will definitely be pathetic. The Moulvis in the magazine cited above have agreed that the number of students joining the Madarasas are dwindling day by day. People have started realizing the worthlessness of the education imparted by priestly minded Moulvis. They are now learning the teachings of the Quran by reading the translations of the Quran. The days when the Moulvis were hiding the Truth from the people are gone. The people can not now be kept in darkness by proclaiming that the Quran should not be touched and that the Quran could not be understood by them directly. Muslims hereafter will not send their children to madarasas because they do not like their progeny to earn by leading the prayers in the mosque and teach in the traditional madarasas .  The people are being enlightened. The Moulvis who claim that it is their right and privilege of explain the Quran and Ahadith should realize that Islam as a the way of life has been perfected with out the necessity of further explanation. The verses 5:3; 2:159; 3:19,85; 33:36; 59:7 confirm this. Further the Prophet (Pbuh) has declared that he  had made the religion and Ahadith very clear without any ambiguity. So to explain the Quran and Ahadith there is no necessity for a prophet or a messenger to be sent by Allah as claimed by Gulam Ahamed Mirsa Qadiani, Rashed Khalifa and the Doctor Brothers of the present day. There is no necessarily for the Ulama. Moulanas, Sheikhs and the Jamathul Ulama to give their own explorations or interpretations. Those who argue that in the Quran the Muhakkamath verses alone were revealed with clarity and convey single meaning will only be disbelievers

   The verse 18:54 states that Allah has clearly explained everything for the mankind to understand without any further interpretations. Inspite of these, moulvis are still contesting on this point.

   So the moulvis should, before it is too late shake off the education which only promotes priest hood, and learn to enquire knowledge an the basis of the Quran and Ahadith and also the mundane knowledge . The moulvis should be able to work independently and earn their bread. They should be able help others. They should emulate the revered Imams whom they hold in high esteem . They should learn the so-called religions knowledge mundane knowledge and science  which of course the prophet (pbuh) has recommended. If the moulvis fulfill this, in another ten years they will be in position not to bow before the muthawallis and the wealthy leaders. On the Contrary  Muthawallis and leaders who are ignorant of religions knowledge will obey the moulvis  and start honoring them . Though the major portion of their life has passed with out actually accruing benefit let them strive to make the life of their their progeny and the in own life in the hereafter beneficial. Let the moulvis toil to bring in a change.

   I am not stating all these with a conceit and feeling that I am above all these moulvis and more learned. These are not being mentioned with arrogance Let Allah save me from such traits. I believe that our Lord Allah is above all of us,  I and you the moulvis, Imams, saints, prophet’s  companions, and the prophets . The prophets an Genes are far above his intellectually because Allah was in contact with them through revelation of the Prophet who Let us accept the Muhkamaath verses in the Quran and the tradition demonstrated the teachings of these verses practically as they are. Let us practice what has been saved in the authentic sayings and traditions of the Prophet. We should not try to twist them or change them, by our own interpretations. None other than the Prophets are entitled to explain them. Such attempts will lead us to the Hell as stated in the verses 33:36,66,67,68. Let us fear Allah and come to a conclusion.  Let this be a decision taken in the month of holy Ramazhan.

Originnal in Tamil : ANNAJAATH SEPT.& OCT. 2007

Rendered into English by : Er. H. ABDUSSAMAD

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